someone do the Crafting Dead with me :D

I really wanna play with other people!

Came to the wrong hood on minecraft. 
Anonymous asked: how exactly do you go about redecorating villager houses because i really need to do that but i don't know how!


hello! basically it involves gathering the furniture you need and mailing it to them non-stop until they eventually put it out where you want it! 
other alternatives include: putting the items in your inventory and talking to them until they express an interest in buying/trading for it. 
personally, this is how i do it (tedious, but saves me buying multiples of the same item)

  1. obtain necessary item 
  2. write a letter to the villager of your choice and attach said item.
  3. save here!
  4. time travel to 4:55pm. 
  5. if the villager is at home, congratulations! proceed to step 6 immediately.
    if the villager is not at home, turn off without saving and start up again. continue doing this until you find the villager at home (before 5pm) 
  6. run up to the post office and quickly send your letter.
  7. go back to the villager’s house and wait until 5pm hits.
  8. go inside to check if they have put out the piece of furniture you mailed them. (check several times and wait at least until 5:01 before deciding your next course of action)
  9. if they have put it out, hooray! you did it! save immediately!
    if they didn’t, better luck next time. turn off without saving and return to step four. repeat as necessary.

of course, i am just really stingy and it would probably save you a lot of frustration if you bought multiples of the same item, but this can really come in handy if you want them to display customised or unorderable pieces. (this also works for dressing them in clothing, but you don’t need to wait for them to be at home!)

good luck and i hope you have a wonderful day!!


Hey so Genji is moving out of town. I decided to let him go so I can meet new villagers. If you want him he leaves on the 13th, I don’t really want anything in return. So if he’s your favourite villager message me!

ps. I’m a noob to this so if you want him you may have to go through the procedure with me.

to the person who messaged me,

please facepalm yourself as I’ve completely lost your FC lol 

send me a new message with your FC again 


c’mon that’s gotta be like thirty yellow feathers right there

I think a lot of people (unless you’re new) own a silver slingshot. I have like 2 and I don’t really need them since I have the gold slingshot and only have 1 back up villager. If you want them I can arrange a deal, I can also trade any fruits (except pears). Also my town has a few hybrid flowers.

All i want are pears and/or maybe perfect fruits, bamboo shoots or anything you can trade.

Message/reblog this post if you’re interested!

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