i just killed one of two of my only nearby neighbor villagers in my survival minecraft ;____; I just wanted to breed them and they could raise a whole village but no its over

Wow. Hi

I haven’t ignored you all! 

But again I havent been here in forever! 

So I’m gonna say sorry and here have a video! 

I’ll try to post/update you guys on new videos when they come out. So for this episode (Yes, that’s right I’m on my 17th episode with my Minecraft Survival) I build a chicken coop and get distracted all at the same time, YAY! 

For more videos check out my channel here

I’ve been playing mostly minecraft lately but will be posting more Sims 4 in the future AND other games.

So yeah that’s about it. Like and Subscribe to my channel, I follow back on both youtube and steam! 


Let's Play: Minecraft [WHERE DO I FIND ONE?!]

Been posting a video per day (trying) and I’ve got 5 so far! Check them out? I’ve really been liking doing these and I hope to do more since I’ve got a few planned out!


Shameless promotion here :3

Just a little something I started not a while ago but uploaded my first video last night.

This is what friends are for, to watch cats with you
I think the sombrero really fits me
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