Shameless promotion here :3

Just a little something I started not a while ago but uploaded my first video last night.

This is what friends are for, to watch cats with you
I think the sombrero really fits me
I purchased Tomodachi life a while ago and here’s my address! I also called my island “Anya”

Hello followers! 

I may not be here often posting gameplays and such (thus making me think of making a youtube gaming channel - but thats still far from an actual decision…) 

You can add me on steam: faintingspellsx 

and we can chat, and play a game together?

I also play minecraft, so hi (I go by the same username)!

Hey! I'm Rizza - and this is a secondary blog
20 | Canada | Gamer
FC: 3797-6774-0079
Dream Address: 4100-3613-3666

Currently Playing:
Minecraft + mods
Tomodachi Life

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steam: faintingspellsx
Minecraft id/twitch: faintingspellsx

Current Status: Playing everyday, every night.

Finished/on hiatus games:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Lego Marvel